Centre for Ayurveda Education,
Innovation & Technology

The Centre for Ayurveda Education, Innovation & Technology (CAYEIT) is dedicated for the advancement of Ayurveda through its unique approach of teaching, research & innovation, incorporating cutting edge technology.

What makes
Centre for Ayurveda unique?

The CAYEIT is backed by the leaders of the field who are having their international credentials in Ayurveda education, research, innovation and technology.

The Centre is equally concerned to offer one of the best platforms for learning, research and innovation of Ayurveda incorporating the latest technology. It has many offerings to its learners.

Divisons under Centre for Ayurveda EIT

The Division of Ayurveda Education

offers world class education & learning of Ayurveda at all levels, with a team of leaders of Ayurveda and by leveraging technology to offer exceptional learning experiences to the learners.

The Division of Innovation & Tech

provides a platform and opportunity to the students, faculties and professionals by the integration of Innovation and tech driven advancements in various sphearce of Ayurveda.

The Division of Publication & IEC

dedicated to improve the learning & to share knowledge about important Ayurveda related news & views from across the globe along with developing research based resources & insights.

What's New

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Introducing world's 1st Artificial Intelligence in Ayurveda!

Discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the power of Artificial Intelligence.