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Establishment of new Set-Up

CAYEIT aims to promote Ayurveda as a science of life and provide guidance and support to individuals and organizations for the smooth and efficient setup of their Ayurveda ventures

Expert Offerings

CAYEIT’s consultation service for technical expert consultation will be beneficial for individuals and organizations in several ways. They will receive guidance and support from experienced Ayurveda technical and administrative experts in the field of Ayurveda, including designing and planning of the clinic, hospital, or college, obtaining NABH accreditation, creating a wellness program, and more. The consultation service will help individuals and organizations to save time, money, and resources by providing efficient and effective solutions for their Ayurveda ventures.


CAYEIT facilitates the establishment of holistic Ayurveda clinics, ensuring authentic practices, infrastructure guidance, and quality care setup.

Ayurveda Hospital

CAYEIT supports the inception of Ayurveda hospitals, integrating advanced medical practices with traditional Ayurvedic care, ensuring efficient operation.

Panchkarma Centre

CAYEIT facilitates and guides organisations to setup state of the art Panchkarma centres and helps in defining the financial models for them.


With CAYEIT’s expertise, set up serene wellness centers that emphasize Ayurvedic preventive health, spa therapies, and well-being initiatives.

GMP Certified Ayurveda Pharmacy

CAYEIT aids in setting up GMP certified Ayurveda pharmacies, ensuring the highest standards for herbal product manufacturing and distribution.


CAYEIT provides a blueprint for establishing Ayurveda colleges, emphasizing curriculum design, faculty recruitment, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

University (AYUSH/ General)

Under CAYEIT’s guidance, launch distinguished universities offering comprehensive Ayurveda and AYUSH courses, fostering research and holistic education.

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The consultation service offered by CAYEIT will be tailored to the needs of interested organisation. It will involve a thorough assessment of the organisation’s current processes and identification of areas that require improvement.

We adopt a specially designed tool KYP (Know the Performance of Your Institution). Based on this assessment, the CAYEIT experts will provide a customized plan of action to help meet the custom requirements.

The consultation service will also involve training and support to help organisations implement the plan of action successfully. CAYEIT will provide institutions with access to a range of resources, including online training modules, webinars, besides expert consultations.