OpenAyu is an initiative by CAYEIT to put forth the power of the open source community to fuel the innovation in Ayurveda. OpenAyu is also involved in interdisciplinary project collaborations to catalyze the growth of Ayurveda worldwide.

OpenAyu is unique in a way that it provides opportunity to individuals who want to contribute to the advancement of Ayurveda with their unique skill set and also provides the opportunity to individuals formally involved with Ayurveda to collaborate and pool solutions from outside the circle.
Welcome Aboard 👋

How to get involved?

Propose a Project

To propose a Project simply write to us at contact@cayeit.com (with a subject line of "OpenAyu") and sharing what the project idea is, which challenge it is addressing and the support required from openayu. Our team will review your application and get back to you on the next steps.

Join a Project

To join a project, check out the list of ongoing projects below and reach out to us at contact@cayeit.com with your interest for joining and your background information. Our team will review your profile and share the next steps for on boarding.

Current Projects

Satmya (Adaptability) Assessment Tool

OpenAyu’s open-source project on Satmya (Adaptability) assessment facilitates a deeper understanding of individual health and lifestyle adaptability. It provides a framework to improve clinical skills among BAMS students, enables precise health diagnosis, supports personalized treatment plans, and anticipates possible health risks related to weather, habitat, and dietary changes. It’s a significant stride towards personalized healthcare.