Quality Compliance Services.

Consultation Services to Help Educational Institutions & Organisations to Meet NAAC, NCISM and other National Quality Education Standards based on New Education Policy (NEP).


Strengthening & Advancing Institutions for Higher Quality and Organizational Growth

The Need:

The NAAC and the NCISM have set standards for Ayurveda & other institutions in the country. These standards cover various aspects of institutional management, curriculum, and research. Meeting these standards is essential for institutions to maintain quality and to ensure that their students receive high-quality education. However, many institutions struggle to meet these standards due to a lack of resources, infrastructure, and expertise.

The Solution:

The consultation service offered by the Centre for Ayurveda Education, Innovation, and Technology (CAYEIT) is a much-needed initiative that will help Ayurveda & other institutions across the country meet the standards prescribed by the NAAC and the NCISM. The service will provide institutions with expert guidance, training, and support to help them improve their processes and meet the prescribed standards. 

This will increase the credibility of institutions and make them more attractive to students and faculty. Overall, the consultation service will contribute to the growth and development of education and research in the country.

Benefits of the SAHYOG:

The consultation service offered by the CAYEIT will provide several benefits to institutions, including:


Avail Expert Guidance

Institutions will receive guidance from experts in the field of education, research and Quality assurance.

Training and Support

The service will provide training and support to institutions to help them achieve their goals.

Process Improvement

The consultation service will help institutions improve their processes and meet the prescribed standards.

Increased credibility

Meeting the NAAC and NCISM standards will increase the credibility of institutions, making them more attractive to students and faculty.

How will the Consultation Service Work?

For consultation contact : contact@cayeit.com

The consultation service offered by CAYEIT will be tailored to the needs of each institution. It will involve a thorough assessment of the institution’s current processes and identification of areas that require improvement. We adopt a specially designed tool KYP (Know the Performance of Your Institution). Based on this assessment, the CAYEIT experts will provide institutions with a customized plan of action to help them meet the prescribed standards.

The consultation service will also involve training and support to help institutions implement the plan of action successfully. CAYEIT will provide institutions with access to a range of resources, including online training modules, webinars, and expert consultations.