Ayurveda India Experience Program - AIEP

We at CAYEIT understand the value of hands-on learning, especially in the intricate and holistic field of Ayurveda. Building upon theoretical knowledge, our specially designed program,  Ayurveda India Experience Program , aims to deepen your understanding of this ancient wisdom by offering a unique, experiential journey. The program combines practical experience, cultural immersion, and access to leading Ayurveda practitioners to offer an unparalleled learning opportunity.

What is AIEP?

Whether you have already completed Ayurveda education elsewhere in the world or are in the midst of your learning journey, this program provides a deeper dive into Ayurvedic practices. Regardless of your prior exposure, our program welcomes you to a highly personalized, flexible, and enriching experience. This will enable you to appreciate the holistic approach of Ayurveda that transcends beyond being a medical science to a way of life.

Our program is flexible in its design, allowing you to opt for one week, two weeks, or even a longer stay. Each timeframe is meticulously planned to ensure the best use of your stay, with every day being an opportunity to gain insights, observe, and practice under expert guidance.

As a part of this program, according to your choice you will have the chance to visit, observe, and learn from our partner renowned Ayurvedic clinics, hospitals, and resorts spread across the India. These institutions, each with their unique approaches and methodologies, offer a wide spectrum of understanding of Ayurveda in practice. You will witness first-hand how the principles of Ayurveda are applied to promote health and manage illness, providing an invaluable context to your theoretical knowledge.. 

Join us in this exciting program to experience Ayurveda in its native land, broaden your understanding, enhance your skills, and enrich your practice. Get ready to immerse yourself in a learning journey that promises to be as enlightening as it is captivating