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300 to 1000+ Hours

These comprehensive courses offer an in-depth exploration of Ayurveda, designed for those seeking mastery in this ancient healing science. Covering extensive topics such as advanced herbal formulations, Panchakarma therapies, and clinical practice, the Ayurveda Professional program is ideal for practitioners aiming for a deep, academic, and hands-on understanding of Ayurvedic principles. 

This intensive training not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also includes practical application, clinical case studies, and immersive workshops, making it a top-tier choice for serious students of Ayurveda.

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Programs based on WHO recommendation: CAYEIT programs are based on the  Benchmark for Training in Ayurveda recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO)

An in-depth program offering extensive knowledge and skills in Ayurvedic health principles, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic strategies tailored for health counselors.

This course equips participants with the holistic tools and Ayurvedic insights needed to guide individuals towards improved health and wellness as professional coaches.

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